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Torbay Road U-turn

So, at last Torbay Council has charged it's mind from the complete closure of Torbay Road. How many businesses have suffered financially, what was the cost of setting up the"trial" and now changing it back? How many consultants have already been paid for this aborted scheme and who will be held responsible for it? Certainly not the traders or people of Torbay but the people who wanted to push the project through and spend the allocated millions. How much of this is left now?

Oh, we listened to the people before and after. Rubbish! Look back at the faulty statistical data collection process, interpretation and minute sample size. ( More detailed coverage in previous blog and forum ). This was not the result of a piece of valid research.

I will be monitoring the development of events and perhaps look closer at the people who have gained and the decision makers who should be held accountable.


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