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Today we hear of another boat crossing the Channel and asylum seekers losing their lives. That is undoubtedly tragic. However, the survivors will be cared for extremely well and have access to doctors.

I do not criticise them being saved from death or receiving treatment, but it is a concern that the country's limited medical resources, rightly so, have to be diverted.

This is a message I received yesterday from my medical practice.

Is this why we pay National Insurance contributions?

How are the demands on our surgery being made if you can't contact it by phone? Are there walk-in patients? Also, what happened to the super computer booking system we were told about earlier this year? Would it be so efficient that there is a danger we might be able to get an appointment to actually see a doctor? So, was it put on hold or abandoned altogether?

A plea to our leaders.

Get together and sit down to not only formulate an action plan for solutions to our major problems, but actually put them into action now!

I have had it quoted to me recently, and there is some credence in the old saying, "Charity begins at Home". The feeling was that we as a Nation should look after those who are members in it first and if we have anything left over distribute that around the world.

Instead, we're in debt and giving money away. How sensible is that?


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