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Ultimate Torbay Rd U-turn!

Updated: Apr 3

So, it will go back to the Torbay Road we all loved and didn't want changed, well, apart from the Council powers of that time! They even quoted dodgy statistics to back up their misguided vision and now it has cost us between £300k to £400k to flop. That's not accounting of reinstatement and the loss of business revenue and livelihood of the owners on Torbay Rd.

Who will be made accountable for this tragic loss of funds and income? My guess is no-one.

Watch out for the spin to follow so that in the end it'll be our fault it didn't work or at least, not the Council's fault.

Don't be deceived!! This was an ill conceived project from the start and we have been victims of misguided leadership who were arrogant enough to believe that they knew what was best and tried to sway opinion by using suspect statistical methodology.

Search back to " Torbay Road' or before in my blog to find out my warnings on this issue.


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