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Virgin Media II

I tried to leave Virgin by phone again yesterday after rejecting their last offer of £132 a month. However, I became frustrated and exhausted giving my details at least twice and trying patiently to understand the agent who seemed to be in some overseas country. To be fair, my hearing is not great so probably not their fault.

Third time lucky today?

It started well when my hearing had obviously improved overnight! I could actually understand clearly the lady on the other end of the phone and she knew exactly how to deal with me. I guess my portfolio was filled with notes from previous calls.

What exactly do you watch and what else do you want she enquired? I gave her the information, including my price preference, and off she went to manufacture a deal. She soon returned and after clarification of a few points we agreed terms for £99.25.

How pleasant was that? If only every transaction was so agreeably conducted.

Case closed until more negotiations near the end of this contract next year.


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