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Virgin On The Ridiculous!

Like so many, if not all Virgin Media clients, I received notification of an increase in the cost of my contracted monthly package of broadband, tv and landline. As a long term valued customer I'm on a discount price of £101.50 per month until mid-July but I have been notified by post that this will increase by £21.50 from the 1st April. No it's not an April fools joke!

The reasons given for the rise are increased energy bills and running costs while three unconvincing benefits of staying are listed.

So it was nothing to do with an allowance payment for staff on less than £35000 for instance?

I contacted Virgin Media, seems like you tediously always have to near the end of your contract, to find out if there was room for negotiation or will I have to leave? That's the usual threat that has worked for many years.

While waiting to be connected to the leavers department I was offered £10.75 off, 50% of the April increase. I ignored that and continued to wait. Well, after being told my discounts would terminate in July and with the April increase the best price was quoted at about £145. Ok, so I'll leave I said. Oh, let me talk to my manager he said. Here we go. I've heard that before so should be a good result. No! The best offer was £132 something.

Well, decision made. I'm off to either BT where I can get the same package or better for under £100 or perhaps Vodafone broadband with purchases like Now tv and a freeview box.

Do you have any other suggestion? I would like all the sports and separate feeds to two rooms.


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