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We'll Never Know

England 10-6 down against Ireland just before half-time and Freddie Steward is sent off. The game becomes less of a contest and although I suspect England would still have lost, that is a mere debate now and we'll never know.

I agree wholeheartedly with the need for there to be care taken when tackling in such a physical game. The protocols for making decisions about level of guilt appear sound, perhaps with one exception. The additional question about was there at least an attempt to avoid contact, even if unsuccessful? Played at split second pace it is sometimes difficult to avoid contact. In fact, contact is an integral part of the game. What we're really talking about is, was it a Rugby Incident? Now the problem becomes interpretation. I'll leave that to the experts to define and sort out.

Anyway, well done Ireland for winning the Grand Slam and I look forward to a less contentious World Cup in France later this year.


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