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Well Done Paignton

Congratulations to Paignton Town and Preston Community Partnership for organising Paignton's Easter Celebrations on Friday 7th April on the closed part of Torbay Road.

The two professionally executed shows by Punch and Judy were very popular with children and parents alike, with both sets shouting responses when prompted. Great traditional fun for all at various levels.


As well as numerous craft stalls other entertainment included a juggler, the Drum Devon percussion group and live singing acts.

Everyone was welcome to join in and keep the beat going. With various levels of success. More fun to be had!

Juggling on a unicycle isn't easy. Getting on board is hard enough! Great crowd reaction.

Throughout the afternoon groups of children could be seen hunting for ten clues that led them to their final destination. After reciting the 10 clues they won a Cadbury's Cream egg.

Meanwhile, Punch and Judy had given way to live music.

Luckily the weather was beautifully clear and sunny. The vision of what is possible in Torbay Road was realised but not without the need for modification. Still vehicles entering from the rail station end, people falling or tripping up kerbs and the venue is reliant upon dry weather. Some of the traders must have been pleased with the increased volume of pedestrian traffic. We ate at Scoffs which was packed yet coped very well.

Another downside, sorry to say, was that the 4 toilets in the adjoining Square were occupied by clients engaged in the use of recreational substances and they refused to vacate for genuine facility users. Thank you Scoffs for letting us back in to use their toilet for our desperate toddler.

In all, a very good family day at no cost. Did you miss it?


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