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Weymouth, Dorset

Weymouth in November is what you would expect from a seaside holiday destination out of season. Ice cream parlours closed and numerous small hotels/B&Bs pretending to be open with signs in their windows claiming to have "no vacancies ". The reason being that they are closed and the owners are probably on holiday themselves!

Looking beyond this and through the rain it's easy to see why Weymouth is a popular holiday destination in season. It's on the Jurassic coast, there is a wide promenade and a large sandy beach to name but a few attractions.

At the end of the promenade, top left below, is the Pavilion which offers a wide variety of entertainment. Just by chance on the night we were there "Oliver" the musical was playing. It was an outstanding local production which we thoroughly enjoyed. We'll done everyone. It's a small theatre and the stage is visible from all seats.

We had a great break and we'll be back when the weather is warmer!

Check out my review of the Kelston Guest House as that is where we stayed.


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