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What A Laugh

Have you seen Pet Psychic on Channel 5? Best comedy on TV!

Really, does anyone believe this approach to understanding and training animals? Not me, and my 8 year old Cocker Spaniel agrees with me. He told me so!!!!!

However, perhaps pigs, and now Owls, are different in their communications with humans. Sorry, can't help laughing at this programme.

Best comedy, for sane humans, but a bit disturbing to think that some people believe the content.

I suppose, considering we have a large number of people worldwide that believe in a supreme being it's not surprising some people believe in talking to animals. Dr Doolittle is a reality??

Oops, Houdini the Owl has just expressed his feelings. Has messed on the floor! Great timing.

Aah! A disclaimer at the end of the programme. That's condemning.

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