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What's New Nicola?

When thwarted the normal political, business and administration route to getting your own way, apart from misusing statistics, is to keep asking, applying and lobbying for what you want until everyone gets so fed up over time that you get your way.

If there is ever another referendum about Scotland becoming independent can we please allow England, N Ireland and Wales to vote too? That'll help Nicola get what she wants. Yes, I'm fed up already!

However, if independence is achieved can we have a guarantee that there will be no cherry picking of conditions. No subsidies or using the £pound for example. What about a "hard border" and travel and work visas? Lots of fundamental questions that I hope Nicola has researched. Perhaps she has done so already. So where can I find a concise version of her vision?

Maybe the Scottish are already in a reasonably good practical position but nationalistic pride, and historical dislike of the English, stops them seeing it.


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