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You're Responsible!

Or are you?

If you spend more than you can afford you're probably morally responsible for the debt unless it's used to feed a family that you probably should have thought twice about before reproducing.

To buy non-essential goods during Black Friday, ( how long did that last? ), just because you wanted them and now you must pay back using a buy now, pay later scheme, doesn't arouse sympathy with me. Furthermore, to now say that buy now pay later is the way you'll have to use to deal with the demands of Christmas illustrates the "I want it all and I want it now" society that some people live in.

If you can't afford it, don't buy it, and then complain or blame someone else when you find yourself in debt.

Some life decisions are your choices and you have to take responsibility for them. You're Responsible!! Or are you showing that you're totally irresponsible? Blame yourself.

This may sound very smug but our family comes from humble beginnings too. We have all worked hard, controlled our lifestyle and spending accordingly. I get frustrated at reading so many sob stories that could have been avoid by exercising some restraint. They seem self-inflicted. Of course there are exceptions, but surely not as many as the number who complain?


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