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Another meaningless consultation?

Signs are appearing at the entrances to a field off Preston Down Road encouraging people to register their objections to a housing development at that site.

The field is, according to this notice, an area of outstanding natual beauty and amenity public space.

To register for more details and express your opinions: ( by 21st November)

E-mail Ref: Torbay Local Plan 2022-40


Given the success, sarcasm, of the objections to the parking meters on Preston seafront and the pedestrianisation of Torbay Road, good luck!!

(Above a sign about the proposed housing development appropriately posted on a dog "poo bin" - I'm sorry to say that's where your objections will end up!)

A vote on the pedestrianisation of Torbay Road still stands at 75% saying NO to enjoying the pedestrianisation. It'll still exist after the 18 month "trial" no matter what you do or how many votes are against it. This is sham democracy just to say we had a consultation. Yes you did, but you didn't listen to the public voice.


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