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Chimney Flue Liner

Fortunately adverse weather conditions, wet and extremely windy, had delayed taking down the scaffolding used for the flat roofing job, so it was still in place when Nigel arrived. (See previous Blog)

He visited on his way home the day after I contacted him. Now, that's good service. Discussions were completed with quotation and installation date agreed for two weeks hence.

The flue liner appearing out of the chimney.

Nigel at work fitting flue connector allowing ease of cleaning through the burner.

Since completing the installation of the flue liner the woodburner has performed very efficiently and better than before. I have also received a Certificate of Compliance from HETAS.

Thank you Nigel of Moorland Fireplaces Ltd for your excellent service. I recommend you unreservedly to anyone requiring your services.

Tel: 01626 832502


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