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Chimney Swept-Oh No!!

Now that our flat roof joining with the chimney had been sealed externally it's time to get the annual chimney sweep before using the wood burner all winter.

I called upon the services of Quentin of ProSweep.

He was very efficient and rightly critical of our installation of over 10 years. He concluded that the only legal and safe way to proceed was to have the chimney lined because it wasn't at present. What a set back as cold weather was imminent. However, it was "a chimney fire waiting to happen" and the household insurance would be invalidated. Who could do the job? As with all technical trades it would be difficult to get an appointment quickly?

Quentin recommended Nigel Reed of Moorland Fireplaces.

Thank you for your help Quentin ( I unreservedly recommend him) and I'll be booking our next chimney sweep for the summer 2024.


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