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Covid Parking Explained

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

It seems that BBC's Spotlight has prompted clarification about parking problems at the Riveria Centre for Covid jabs.

Quote which I assume comes from the Centre: "We are aware and addressing the issue with the vaccination service management.

No one attending the centre for a vaccine should need to pay for parking. Anyone staying under 40 minutes can do so for free."

Good in theory but impossible the day we went because of the high attendance number.

Plus, stewards (volunteers doing a fine job) took time to explain that you get 40 minutes free then you pay. Don't go over without paying or you'll be fined heavily was the forceful message. Five minutes or so since we were clocked in by camera at the entrance and we still hadn't found a parking space. How much of our 40 minutes was left?

Now we are told, " Anyone whose appointment goes over 40 minutes can have their parking charge waived by the vaccination centre providers by inputting the car registration details into a tablet computer on site at the time of their appointment." The steward did not pass on this information. Did he know ? His limited message was reinforced by a strategically placed sign.

A part of the fear factor approach. The threat of a £100 fine when it is actually £60 if paid within 14 days.

A third scenario, however, has emerged. "Anyone who has already received a fine should contact us via the website: Then we will work with the vaccination service to support them." What does that mean exactly? You'll be pardoned?

Let us know of your experience. We thought we were ok but the time taken to get in and out of our parking slot made it difficult to calculate the actual time from entrance camera to the exit one. So we wait, and hopefully we won't be relying upon "support". We actually rang the Centre on our return home and got no help. Nothing to do with us we were told.

It seems the problem has been rectified. We'll done, but insightful planning could have avoided so much angst.


Thanks to member Rich for the information. You're now a star contributor.

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