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Delightful Dawlish

No far up the road from me is the coastal town of Dawlish. Most recently noted for it's collapsed waterside rail line and rebuild project.

There is ample parking either metered on street or in official car parks. At about £4:50 for any time over 4 hours that's pretty reasonable.

Near the hospital is good place to park and make use of the beautiful spacious open grass and play park. Dog friendly with a special for children to play without dogs. An excellent facility.

Walk down along the river towards the town and beaches.

Dogs need to be kept on a lead here as the various species of bird life deserve to live hassle free.

Most famous are the Black Swans of Dawlish.

There are streetside cafes, restaurants and pubs to enjoy refreshments as well as takeaway outlets. We particularly like Lloyd Maunder's ( the local family butcher ) steak pasties, £3, and his peppered steak or breakfast baguettes for about £3:25.

Great news too! Plenty spotlessly clean toilets and they're all free!!!! Other Councils please take note.

Didn't get to try it but the Gay's Creamery seems worth a visit if you're that way inclined. I mean, you like ice cream!! There is an apostrophe in the name.

The promenade walk and sea defenses provide an ideal opportunity to exercise and gain access to the beach.

Dawlish is well worth a visit but don't expect an extensive, expensive shopping experience. It's a typically delightful small Devon coastal town with the usual tourist trappings.


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