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Democracy at Work?

In the latest missive from Kevin Foster, MP, he displays his wiley political guile by observing that the debate about the pedestrianisation of Torbay Rd continues and there are, " sharply contrasting views, although it is worth noting the consultation carried out previously by the Council and the local Community Partnership which indicated support for the overall approach ".

Why does he continue to close his eyes to the statistical facts?

The original decision was made on flawed statistical modelling. Only designed to produce a predetermined outcome that was decided by various committees. Hence, we're in a questionable democracy.

There was no original choice of close the road, yes or no, given to a wide cross-section of the public .

From their biased data collection they published that 60% chose option 3, to close the whole road, out of a total of 640 respondents. That was 384 people out of the whole of Paignton! Not convincing.

Furthermore, at the question ask is, "If you have visited Torbay Road since Monday 3rd October have you enjoyed the extra space and traffic free environment?" Even this leading question can not get the statistical backing the authorities want. As at Sunday 30th October the results published were, 76% NO and 24% YES. ( 258 voters)

Are you listening to the people Kevin and crew? Seems not.

The devious thing to do would be to get all your council mates to go online and vote Yes. At least, if you're going to use statistics get the basics right.

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