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Facial Recognition

Some respectable groups want to ban the use of facial recognition by the police and private companies on the grounds that its use imposes on human rights, could be a source of discrimination and it lacks a democratic mandate.

If it's use means that I and other citizens can walk the streets without fear of assault or attack by extremists then I'm all in favour of it. Of course it's use needs to be limited and monitored. At some stage we have to trust the authorities to do the right thing. It's just an extension and enhancement of what already exists. According to Clarion Security Systems we are likely to be seen on CCTV up to 70 times a day.

If you're not doing anything wrong what are you worried about? Catch the baddies!

A problem is enforcement. I personally know of cases of shop theft that have been recorded on CCTV and that these have been passed onto the police. The criminals' identities were known but no punitive action was taken in these cases. They were dismissed from the outset seemingly because the process was too time consuming compared to the level of crime. Give us more police on the beat and quicker ways of dealing with petty crime. Bring back the Stocks?! Cut down the paperwork or make it simpler to expedite in less time.

Remember, your rights in some circumstances may be the opposite to the rights of other people. If you walk your dog off the lead in public, for example, this may conflict with my right to walk through the same park without fear of being bitten. So whose right prevails?

I suggest that the use of facial recognition in the prevention and solving crimes will selfishly enhance my right to live in a safe society.


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