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I wanted to go to bed but was made to watch the end of the Harry interview on Sunday night.

It was so complex to analyse, without seeing it many times and reading the transcript, and probably depends on your affiliations.

What I did get was his extreme dislike for, and fixation with, the Press. This seemed to be underlying and taint his whole outlook upon life, the world and sadly his extended family. He played the victim who was protecting his wife and children. That's a good quality but stop there. He should not expect support for attacking a National Institution, the Royal Family, and boasting about how naughty he had been. He seeks forgiveness for the mistakes he made but gives little himself.

I think what also makes it difficult to reconcile is the fact that he, and Megan, are making millions of dollars from their media 'blockbuster' exposures.

I can't say I'm on his side, apart from my feeling that the Press needs to be monitored and made accountable for the misinformation they publish as truth.


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