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Housing - Preston Down Road

Torbay Councils Cabinet have decided to sell off a piece of housing development land they had acquired for £2million to a preferred buyer. ( Who is that and why don't we get to know the price?) As a result it is speculated that the 30% affordable housing quota will rise to 70% of the original 101 houses. This number in turn may increase beyond 101.

It appears to me that the main objections are the adverse effects on the provision of; schooling, medical care accessibility, adequate transport links, services as well as compromising environmental issues.

Just like the Torbay Road fiasco, the Cabinet have rightly, in my opinion, been charged with not listening to the people. Why all the secrecy? What has been hidden?

Of course we have had the detractor statements about it being made into a political issue raised by the Tories against the Lib Dem Council. Regardless of political affiliation these concerns of the public, who are now paying even more Council tax, must be addressed and not fobbed off.

Read page 5 of the Thursday 30th March issue of Torbay weekly for their report on the issue. I also believe the Cabinet meeting can be found somewhere on YouTube.



One benefit might be the filling in of potholes at the top of Preston Down Road!

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