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Open More - Not Closures

Heathfield Farm near Exeter provides activities and workshops for about 25 adults a week who suffer from learning difficulties and autism. It is in danger of closing due to a drying up of funding for the charity that supports it. There is fierce competition for funds.

My point of view is that there should be more of these establishments not less. They provide useful life coping skills and interests for people who can not, through no fault of their own, contribute to mainstream finances of society. Open more, at public expense, and subsidise those already in existence. Don't force them to close through non-intervention. They are an asset, even a necessity, in our society.

The Government provides 'benefits' for voluntary none workers even if they are capable of work. These are therefore a financial burden on society.

In fairness the Government should remove the need for reliance upon charities to provide skills and opportunities for those really unable to work.

No able-bodied person should be getting something for nothing from the State.

Bring back the workhouses did I hear you say?


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