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Pedestrianisation Again

I didn't want to do it, because of the pedestrianisation, but was persuaded to get an order of food from our favourite chippy in Torbay Road.

We waited until 6pm so we could park relatively close by in Queen's Road free of charge.

During my wait I took these photos showing a few pedestrians. Tuesday 26th October at 6:24pm.

Not alot of passing trade! Cars were coming up from the seafront, I'm not sure that's allowed, but the next section to the top was visibly open as the Closed Road sign had been moved to the side.

On our exit I looked left, legally, and could see vehicles' rear lights towards the train station. So they had ignored the Closed Road sign.

The feedback from our caterer was damning of the situation into which they had been put. Their business was suffering despite their excellent product. No punters, no money. But you'll be OK when the summer comes they were told. However, they may not be in business that long. Let's hope a meeting with Kevin Foster will help, but is he not part of the establishment pushing this concept through? Let's hope not.

Furthermore, they had no fish with the chips because strategically there was no point cooking more as they may not have any customers before closing 30 minutes later.

Sign the petition.


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