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How much has the aborted Torbay Road closure trial cost?

Who is responsible for the poor decision to go ahead and when will they be identified as accountable?

Who has financially gained from this debacle?

How can we ensure the same people aren't responsible for messing up the next trial/phase?

These questions need addressing.

The Council says now that they have listened to the people and hence the U-turn. A bit late. However, data from their own survey in October 2022 indicated that between 75-81% of people responding to a "yoursay" online survey were dissatisfied with the new no cars freedom in TorbayRoad.

This process has been poorly managed from the start so Torbay Council should at least recognise this, apologise and confess to their collective mistakes. Furthermore, some would make a case for compensation to the affected traders!!!

Look back at my previous Blogs about this issue to read of the pitfalls I identified before the closure.


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