Rubbish Ruyika Tools

In February 2021 I purchased a Ruyika Reciprocating saw, 2 batteries, charger and blades for £47.99 from otto_ebay on Ebay.

At first I was very pleased as the mobility factor meant I could cut branches etc anywhere I wanted. However, soon the batteries would not charge and working time was reduced to a few seconds.

I contacted the seller but no reply.

So I had a great idea. Buy a cordless drill with new batteries from the makers company. They should be reputable. I order a compact impact drill from Ruyika on Ebay which arrived on 3rd February 2022. Two batteries, charger, etc for £49.99. After a few days the same problem with the batteries so once again I was left with a useless tool. Now I had 4 dud batteries.

Well surely I'm OK this time because I bought the drill from Ruyika even though it was via Ebay. Not so. I was given the run around until time for complaint had expired on Ebay. I was even told last month the company was closed for a week's staff holiday but they would get back to me. I'm still waiting despite trying to contact them.

So my conclusion is RUBBISH RUYIKA products and after sales (no) service. From my experience I would say avoid at all costs.

Can't say that it is easy to get satisfaction using Ebay either.


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