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The "New" Backache.

When I was growing up, no cheeky comments about age please, those who were workshy could go to see a doctor and feign backache and get "signed off" work. So, no work and full pay.

It was considered at that time that it was very difficult to disprove or even cure the complaint. Obviously, abusers gave those with real debilitating pain a bad name as they milked the benefits system.

It seems to me that claims of the detrimental effects of literally anything on one's " mental health" is likewise difficult to challenge. Consequently, the number of people of work age that are actually not seeking work is increasing as is the number claiming to suffer from mental health issues. The excuse is hard to dispute and the financial rewards are great from State benefits. By giving money for nothing the disingenuous group is being rewarded. That's bad use of the psychology of rewards. However, who is brave enough to question a "sufferer"?

For good examples of rewards, look at past episodes of " Dogs Behaving (very) Badly"!! It was on Channel 5 I think.


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