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What Ambulance?

Yesterday this lady, seen here under covers to keep her warm, fell over in Staple Hill, Bristol, and complained of pain in her head and arms.

Caring shop owners, workers and passers-by came to her aid and phoned for an ambulance. They needed to have read today's article in The Mail - yesterday, for then their actions would have been modified. No point calling for an ambulance if you fall over, page 17.

After over an hour in the freezing cold two able-bodied gents got their van up onto the pavement and carefully transferred the lady into it. I believe they went to Yate for an assessment and were then redirected to Southmead Hospital.

I believe that she had a broken wrist. Her treatment and the course of events I'll check when we visit her this afternoon.

Come back for more details, and sorry to say, probably more condemnation of the NHS after our visit.

We certainly are not clapping and ringing bells now when all we require is for everyone to do their job.


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