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Now It's Obvious

The reason there is so much aggression in society is because of the example set by professional footballers. It's probably true at all levels of the sport given the abuse inflicted on referees even at junior level.

I've just watched the football final between Manchester United and Newcastle United and have been appalled by the behaviour of the majority of the players. Aggression towards each other, perhaps predictable and even acceptable if within the rules of the game, was complemented by the same towards the referee. That was not acceptable. The players continually contested and questioned the referee's decisions and surrounded him almost every time. Not acceptable!

Thousands of people watch football and it's setting a bad example. There are so many physical and verbal outrages displayed every televised match that the population is beginning to think it's normal and acceptable. It's not.

It doesn't happen in rugby games. My sons played rugby and even now complain about decisions on the TV by saying, " Sir, that's off-side.." or whatever. They continue to respect the officials even beyond their playing day and within their own front rooms.

Too many hands on opponents, backchat to the referee and rolling over clutching their legs is spoiling a great game played by very skilled players. Those in authority should get a grip.


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