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The Wireless - Radio !

Some discussion has taken place about the trend of older radio presenters being replaced by younger ones on BBC Radio 2.

However, what concerns me most is the target audience being switched away from a mature (old) one. The amusing chat and interesting dialogue delivered by a single presenter, who gives the impression they are engaging you as an individual, is being phased out. Instead we have chats with kids, their parents and 'stars' eager to talk about themselves. This programme format does not prioritise talking to me, which is what I want. Instead I feel I'm eavesdropping on someone's conversation. Furthermore, I'm not really interested in what is being said. It certainly isn't entertaining. seems to be gaining listeners so I gave it a try. Very pleasant. Baby boomer stuff even. Twithay?

Locally I've listened to recently and found it rather pedestrian and lacking a bit of zip. However, a few quizzes, local news and adverts help to make it an interesting listen, sometimes. Try it yourself. Twithay?

I await the naming of Ken Bruce's successor with fear. If it's Rylan Clark ( with his mum?! ) I'm definitely changing channels and will be following Ken anyway from 10am to 1pm.

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